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Board Members



John Larson

"I am the second generation duck hunter in my family. My parents told me stories about them taking me out to hunt in a car seat at 6 months old. I have hunted many types of animals in my life, but nothing beats a duck hunt any day of the week. I can now pass this waterfowl tradition down to my children, whom I hope will continue to pass on the tradition. I always make sure I put 110% effort in everything I do for the club so we can keep this tradition alive. My roles include: 1. Overseeing the budget 2. Overseeing the Board of Directors and Officer(s) 3. Evaluating the success of the club. 4. Facilitator of the club's board meetings, assessing if the club is going in the right direction, developing short/long term goals, plans, and strategies, and ensure the club's compliance with Texas state's Non-profit Organization laws.

Vice President & Treasurer

Chuck Vallentine

"I started hunting at the age of 7 with my dad on the Mississippi River in Missouri near St Louis. In 1991, I transferred with LaBarge Pipe to Houston. I started hunting in Texas at the Woods and Waters Hunting Club near Winnie, TX. The club changed its name to the Salty Grass Hunting Club, along with a management change. In 2000, I took control of the Club and changed the name to the Wings Over Dayton Hunting Club. I kept the club for 20 years and closed the club and joined Blessing Hunting Club in 2013. I recently retired from selling steel pipe and turned 66 this February 8, 2022. I love the variety of ducks we bag. However, the family and friends atmosphere is the key."


Operations Manager

Tim Spoonemore

"I started waterfowl hunting in 1967 in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas with my dad and grandpa. We were shooting geese over rye grass or hunting ducks on the lower Laguna Madre out of Ports Mansfield or Arroyo City. We moved to Lake Jackson, TX area in 1971 and I have been chasing birds in the bays, marsh and rice of the middle Texas gulf coast ever since. My love of the process far outweighs the number of birds on the strap at the end of the day. Proper habitat management, decoy and blind placement, company of good friends and dogs in the blind are the ingredients for a successful hunt. If all of these things are done right, there are usually good straps at the end of the day. I have been on several clubs and have had property of our own over the years that I have always been heavily involved in the operations and management of these properties and I am aware of the time and energy required to create great habitat, which we have at BHC. I have been associated with BHC since 2015 and have seen numerous changes in that time. Although we are smaller now, I feel it is a more sustainable model to succeed and thrive. I recently left a successful career in the Oil and Gas supply business so I am looking forward in helping BHC anyway I can with my extra time going forward."


Camp Manager, Head of Communications, Website Manager, and Executive Secretary

Phyllis Larson

I do not come from a hunting background; however, I am Native American and was taught how to shoot a rifle by my father. My father retired from the Marine Corps after 21 years of service, he left as a pistol expert and master sharpshooter. My husband is the one who brought me into the hunting world back in 2009 and now he created a monster. There are more animals for me to learn how to hunt and I never want to stop learning. I love meeting and getting to know people, so serving as a part of this club gives me an opportunity to interact with many people. I love being a part of memories made with friends and family. My club roles, just to name a few, are: building/running the website, building/running the reservation page, building/running the bunk rentals, communications with the club, arrange/handle the get togethers, and most importantly, I clean camp. 

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